Machine Learning for Options Trading

Industry Financial Services

Specialization Or Business Function

Technical Function Analytics (Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning)

Technology & Tools

$100 to $250 / HOUR

Project Description

We are looking for a combination of capabilities including Machine Learning to measure a client's historical performance and previous success of strategies in meeting the client's objectives, as well as predictive analytics to support scenario modelling, success forecasting and inform the options trading team on the best trades to achieve the client's desired objectives. 

Activities to generate sales leads are currently reactive, resource intensive and follow a loose and manual process to capture client needs involving on average several calls. There is a lack of tools available to support decisions made by the options trading team or for clients to be aware of options trading strategies. Additionally, there is a lot of manual research involved to match the best options trades with the client's objective and strategy. This new application will substantially increase the relevancy and speed in selecting optimal trades and trade strategies to pursue based on a client's objective, strategy, and criteria trade-offs. 


AI-powered Options Trading Strategy to meet client objectives taking into consideration of client background, perspective, investment characteristics, market sentiment, and alternative market data analytics and insights

A proactive AI-powered sales process that takes into consideration evolving client investment profile and opportunities to integrate options trading. Generation of the sales pipeline will be fully automated creating efficiencies within the trading desk, the identification of previously unforeseen sales leads and deeper coverage / scalability of the product within the addressable client base

A combination of capabilities including Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics to identify prospects based on client profile, historical trading performance, and previous success of strategies. Intelligent monitoring and managing client open options contracts for optimal economic outcomes for clients and desired objectives

The solution will deliver operational efficiency improvement by automating data gathering, scenario analysis, and pricing and liquidity model so team can shift focus to client engagement.

Solution and technology deployed, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Market sentiment, Alternative Market Data, reusable and can be redeployed and re-purposed across Capital Markets, Asset Management, and Front office solutions

Please review the attached files and use the Excel file to provide your quote.  Send your questions directly to the Experfy team at [email protected] since they are helping us in the selection process.

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    January 23, 2020
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    From anywhere
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