Create PowerBI Reports based on existing Tableau reports

Industry Media and Advertising

Specialization Or Business Function

Technical Function Business Intelligence (BI Development, Reporting, Dashboards), Data Visualization (Dashboards & Scorecards), Analytics (Program Evaluation), Marketing and Web Analytics, CRM, ERP, Accounting, Operations, Marketing Automation (Reports and Dashboards)

Technology & Tools Business Intelligence and Visualization (Tableau, Microsoft Power BI)

COMPLETED Jun 25, 2020

Project Description

closerlook is a digital marketing agency that helps our clients bring their brands to life in the digital space. Our tactics and creative are always rooted in data, and as such one of our fundamental ways of understanding data is by bringing it to life in dashbaords and reports. We currently do this in Tableau Server, but have the decision to move our BI platform to PowerBI.

In that effort, there are several reports that currently live in Tableau Server that will need to be rebuilt to mimic the Tableau reports in PowerBI. This project is to take 9 existing Tableau Reports and rebuild them in PowerBI as closely to the existing report as possible.

Further information on the projects:

  • Rebuild 9 Tableau reports as closely as possible in PowerBI, including filters, layout, and design
  • Reports only need to be built in PowerBI desktop. Desktop files can be shared back with us to publish them internally
  • Most reports have a defined data layer, so no joins or manipulation of the data should be needed. At least 1 report will require merging data sets in PowerBI, but the model for that should mirror what has been done in Tableau
  • We will provide Tableau files and data files to work from
  • 1 report leveraged Tableau's parameter feature. We will require the PowerBI version to mimic this functionality from a user perspective, but are open to how best to format it to achieve the result
  • Design and layout are already determined for the reports. Color definitions will and design considerations will be provided along with the Tableau files.

Project Overview

  • Posted
    March 13, 2020
  • Planned Start
    March 26, 2020
  • Delivery Date
    April 30, 2020
  • Preferred Location
    From anywhere

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