Twilio Autopilot / Natural Language Expert for Wine Project

Industry Consumer Goods and Retail, Education

Specialization Or Business Function Sales, Consumer Experience (Customer Loyalty, e-CRM)

Technical Function Ontology and Semantic Technology, Robotic Process Automation (Automated Assistant)

Technology & Tools Chatbot and Voice Assistant (Dialogflow, IBM Watson Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Alexa Skills Kit)

$65 to $100 / HOUR

Project Description

I'm building an Autopilot enabled wine advisor - like an e-sommelier. I have all the information I want to put into the system, but I need a little help setting it up in the right way.

I have thousands of responses written for things like food & wine pairings, region and grape varietal descriptions, wine word glossary, etc. 

1. I want to create the right framework for putting the data into the system, so I only have to do it once

2. I'm looking for a creatiove way to import all the responses/data, or at least a smart way to do the data-entry

3. I want to make sure it is set up to be useful on a variety of platforms: SMS, voice, Alexa, etc.

Project Overview

  • Posted
    October 04, 2022
  • Planned Start
    November 01, 2022
  • Delivery Date
    December 03, 2022
  • Preferred Location
    From anywhere

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