Media Monitoring: Big Data and Analytics Assessment

Industry Media and Advertising, Professional Services

Specialization Or Business Function Customer Analytics, Media and Advertising, Strategic Business Planning (Competitive Intelligence), Market Research

Technical Function Data Management, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management, Marketing and Web Analytics

Technology & Tools Business Intelligence and Visualization (Tableau), Big Data and Cloud (Amazon Web Services), Data Warehouse Appliances, Data Analysis and AI Tools

COMPLETED Dec 15, 2014

Project Description

-          We are Africa’s leading media monitoring and market research company that has invested in the latest technology to monitor, capture, filter and sort print, broadcast (radio & television) and Internet news, delivering electronically with speed and accuracy.  We are also one of only two African members of FIBEP (Federation Internationale des Bureaux d'Extraits de Presse), the world's largest association for media intelligence and communications insight. We are looking to consolidate and streamline our data sources to scale our business processes.  This is the first part of a multiphase project to conduct detailed requirements gathering and make recommendations on which systems to adopt for media monitoring in different formats in order to create a roadmap that would lead to advanced analytics capabilities and reporting dashboards for our clients.  The deliverable of this assessment phase would be a requirements document.

-          We are in the middle of recruiting an agency to help us position the company and hopefully re-brand. We have come down to the realization from client feedback that we need to have a platform that can provide market intelligence data from advertising and editorial media monitoring, as well as research, plus also one that can be used by our clients to interpret their own internal data. Hence we would position as a ‘business intelligence and strategy consultancy’, with the ability to inter-relate both internal and externally-sourced datasets; and then give advice. We want to be able to be regarded as a ‘critical strategic decision-making tool’

-          We currently capture advertising and editorial based publicity from media for the following reasons:

·          Brand – Managements of brands, auditing of media/communication plans and understand how brands are portrayed in the media. Track intelligence regarding communication activities, well as those partners and stakeholders

·          Crisis Management – Allows marketers to respond decisively to major threats to their organizations, as well as stakeholders

·          Lead generation – Find out exclusively the topics and trends running throughout the media, region-wide.

-          Our current capture zone consists of Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Mwanza, Mtwara, Zanzibar and Iringa. We are currently expanding fast and hope to set up in about 10 more commercially and strategically viable regions to cover close to 100% of broadcast media within Tanzania. In total, Tanzania consists of 26 regions.

-          Our digital broadcast capture technology allows for fingerprinting and matching of advertising content without human intervention. We use two parallel monitoring platforms; Volicon Observer and Vidvita (www.volicon.com and www.vidvita.com). For editorial monitoring, it remains a manual process.

-          Our newsprint monitoring system captures, converts and indexes text, and employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to identify pre-defined keywords related to the client brief. (http://www.newbase.de)

-          In addition, we have just launched a market research service, which will see us collect data using handheld devices, pen and paper interviews, telephonic interviewing, online surveys, SMS-based surveys etc. We will be looking to derive actionable insights on brand and media, direct from the consumer.

-          We’re a looking to automate the entire broadcast media (radio & TV) monitoring process by integrating speech to Text Technology. A system that will allow us to capture advertisements, as well as unstructured speech (editorial, mentions) automatically

-          A system that can enable us to perform content, language and syntax analysis of our data

-          A system that would allow us to capture data that will be used to create predictive analysis/forecasting

-          A system that will allow us to integrate research data from multiple sources as described above, including audience research data

-          An intelligent media planning platform that will combine the ‘unique” sources of brand insights and trends from our advertising, editorial, online and audience research databases to simplify and standardize the consumption of audience research data in the country/region. Also would include published media rates.

-          A market planner/forward planning system that can capture data or future events from print, broadcast and online media

-          A platform that allows for the end-user to manipulate data, generate analysis and visualizations of complex data relationships. It has to be user-friendly but with a powerful engine Our system has to be also very affordable to run, easy to manage, user-friendly on both internal and client side, as well as easy and affordable to deploy to other markets/countries

-          We also would like support on how we can best produce and analyse specific reports from multiple sources targeting different industries e.g. banking, telecoms etc., or extract maximum value from datasets we are analyzing depending on the solution or insight we seek.

-          We have approached a number of potential system partners, including Düsseldorf’s Pressrelations and Tel Aviv’s Actus Digital. Actus is similar to Volicon in functionality but they claim to be cheaper to implement, offer Speech-to-Text integration at USD40, 000.00, auto-translation to six other languages, and efficiencies in terms of administration. Pressrelations is a media monitoring company that also specializes in software for media monitoring companies. They offer a platform that would integrate the broadcast, print, online, research output into one, including storage and Tableau integration. Pressrelations also allows us to do deeper analysis of language and syntax and can work especially well with a system like Actus. Tableau is due for a training programme at our offices in Dar es Salaam next week.  We have also spoken to HP and about a system based on their Vertica and Autonomy solutions. Ninestars, of India, have expressed interest in working on this project.

Project Overview

  • Posted
    September 08, 2014
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    September 08, 2014
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    September 26, 2014
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