Mapping of triplicate carbonless paper form to dot matrix printer

Industry Legal

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Technical Function Data Warehousing (Data Mapping, Data Integration)

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We would like to automate the mapping of a triplicate carbonless paper legal form to a dot matrix printer. We are open to suggestions when it comes to purchasing specific printers.  

Background:  Garnishments in Tennessee must be done the old fashioned way on a triplicate carbonless paper form. We are seriously handwriting these things---hundreds at a time! What I want is for my CRM (Simplicity Collect) to automate this process. I want to be able to initiate the printing process from Simplicity to a dot matrix printer that will then print the information onto the physical triplicate form. The triplicate legal form does not exist on the internet--there is no electronic template/version. Therefore, I will have to send you a hard copy of the form so you can re-create electronically.

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  • Posted
    September 30, 2014
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    United States

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