Distributed Data Expert required for Revolutionary Travel Technology Platform

Industry Hospitality, Travel and Leisure, Hi-Tech

Specialization Or Business Function R&D, Engineering and Design

Technical Function Data Warehousing (Data Integration), Data Engineering (Data Center), Business Intelligence (BI Infrastructure, Metadata Management, BI Development), Analytics (Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Real-time Analytics, In-Memory Analytics, Machine Learning, Program Evaluation)

Technology & Tools Business Intelligence and Visualization (Tibco Spotfire)


Project Description

Everyday millions of travellers change their trip plans. Each time a flight delay, weather pattern or personal choice is made to change a trip, a chain reaction of inefficient, largely offline tasks begin. This chain reaction of painful phone calls to flight, hotel, car, black car, taxi, train, experience and other travel suppliers is an intense problem for any traveler. For travel suppliers, it costs hundreds of millions of dollars in customer services and call centres.

What if there is a platform that can seamlessly and proactively provide any traveller with real-time notifications of impacts to their entire end-to-end trip and allow you to automatically rebook and reroute all legs regardless of supplier? 

This solution dramatically impacts the industry, drastically reducing consumer pain points, improving customer retention, creating new ancillary revenue generation opportunities and providing deep insight into consumer preferences and travel buying behavior across the trip.

This platform is called Switchforce. An ultra-high performance,  industrial strength B2B data platform that  powers end-to-end trip-planning for the travel industry, provides realtime streaming analytics, platform-wide big data insights and revolutionary M2M services.

Switchforce has a Management team with over 40 years of travel technology domain expertise and 2 successful exits (sold to Travelclick and Pegasus) as well as execution expertise overseeing large scale ($30m) mission-critical technology platform deployments at a leading stock exchange. 

We have considerable traction with industry participants, including strategic investment from a world class enterprise technology provider, C-level interest from travel operator with 40,000 agents, one of top 5 car rental cos in the US, one of top 3 black car companies in the US, two GDS' and a major hotel channel manager with 6000 hotels. And Google is a fan.

We are looking for a Distributed Data Expert with specific expertise in:

- Architecting Hadoop databases, cloud computing infrastructure architecture - infrastructure architecture is important and key

- Well-versed in TIBCO Messaging products - built on the TIBCO stack, must have previous TIBCO implementation expertise.

- Experience designing data products using realtime streaming analytics

- Experience with complex event processing and integration - we are using CEP for new use cases that will completely transform the booking path for  hundreds of millions of travelers

- Machine-to-machine services - we are using M2M technology for automating B2B transaction processing and require a candidate with truly advanced knowledge

Project Overview

  • Posted
    September 29, 2014
  • Planned Start
    October 30, 2014
  • Delivery Date
    April 30, 2015
  • Preferred Location
    New York, New York, United States

Client Overview

Big Data
Data Architect
Complex Event Processing
Realtime Streaming Analytics
M2M Services

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